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Fax # 419-636-8420
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Product Samples
Cutting Tool Products We Manufacture:
Two Flute Drills
Coolant Feed Drills
Subland Drill (2-2)
Step Drills
Core Drills
Subland Core Drills (3-3,4-4)
Step Core Drills
Step Reamers
Subland Drill Reamers (2-2,2-4,2-6)
Step Drill Reamers (2-4,2-6,2-8)
Subland Drills (2-2-2)
End Mills
Carbide Tipped Two Flute Drills
Carbide Tipped Subland Drills (2-2)
Carbide Tipped Step Drills
Carbide Tipped Core Drills
Carbide Tipped Subland Core Drills (3-3,4-4)
Carbide Tiped Step Core Drills
Carbide Tipped Reamers
Carbide Tipped Step Reamers
Carbide Tipped Subland Drill Reamer (2-2,2-4,2-6)
Carbide Tipped Step Drill Reamer (2-4,2-6,2-8)
Carbide Tipped Subland Drill (2-2-2)
Carbide Tipped End Mills
(If you didn't see what you need in our list please ask because we do manufacture more)
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
Phone # 419-636-6890
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fax # 419-636-8420
H Machining Inc 2008